Automatically collect mobile numbers of your Leads Anywhere.

With a text message, QR code, or web form

Subscribe to a Mobinawa number with a Mobinawa page for your Business in order to provide various types of 2-way interactive SMS services accessible to Mobinawa subscribers & GSM subscribers.

Send SMS to Mobinawa subscribers at zero-cost

Grow Your Business via SMS

Improve the digital mobile customer Experience and Gain new ones.

What is Mobinawa-WebSMS ?

Mobinawa-WebSMS Platform is today the most complete Cloud SMS Platform in terms of available services & features, enabling Professionals and Small Businesses to integrate SMS channel in the implementation of any type of mobile marketing campaigns or customer services.

The advanced and comprehensive Cloud SMS Platform designed to support your business and promote your products or services.

Mobinawa-WebSMS Mobinawa-WebSMS Platform offers 2 types of customer user accounts with different features.

Customer Account ID How to register Available services Sender ID End-users coverage
Your active mobile number (Default account) Online Sign-up Sent SMS
2-way SMS
Mobinawa page
your mobile No
Preconfigured Name
Local GSM subscribers
Complete the Mobinawa Network registration form as a Mobinawa App user Sent SMS
2-way SMS
Mobinawa page
Shortcode Mobinawa subscribers
Mobinawa-Pro Number (237XXXXXXXXX) On request basis (not yet available) Sent SMS
2-way SMS
Mobinawa Page
Longcode Mobinawa subscribers
Local GSM subscribers

Mobinawa-WebSMS is suitable to the needs of all type of Very Small Business & Associations, bringing the following main benefits :

  1. Intuitive & Easy to use Web Interface by non-technical personnel.

  2. Efficient Customer Relation Management

  3. Improve digital customers Service & Experience

  4. Reduce communication cost – By subscribing to a GSM number bundled with a Mobinawa page, all SMS messages sent to mobile numbers will be primarly delivered to Mobinawa subscribers (if existing) at zero-cost or to local GSM subscribers otherwise at low cost.

Why Mobinawa-WebSMS ?

Faster than Email

90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes. No email SPAM filters.

More Personal than Social

SMS reaches your audience directly in the palms of their hands.

Further Reach than TV

Who Needs Mobinawa-WebSMS

Marketing Agencies

Event Planners


Shopping centers







Travel Agencies

Much More...